Canvas covers and ordinary tarps are no match for winter storms and summer rains. You need covered storage year round to maintain the value of your investment. 

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Just one inch of rain on a typical summer day is enough to dump more than 20 gallons of water into a pontoon boat covered with an ordinary tarp. The tarp is better than nothing, but after a few rainy days a boat can literally become a floating bath tub! One gallon of water weighs about 8 lbs. Just a few gallons is all it takes to rip a tarp to pieces. 

Winter snow can take the best snap on canvas cover and reduce it to a limp, soggy rag that seeps melting snow like your grandma’s cheese cloth. the weight of the snow stretches the cover and it becomes easier for rain to find places to accumulate. Before you know it, the boat is a soggy mess. Add some long hot summer days and the threaded seams on your canvas top will be hanging on for dear life. 

Fancy velcro covers are water catchers. Once filled with about 6 gallons of water from a 30 minute summer downpour, you’ll have about 48 lbs of water pulling your velcro straps loose. Holes begin to open up around the bimini top and the entire cover can be pulled loose after just a few rainy days. Funny how those holes seem to open up right on top of the helm and console, exposing your dash panel to excessive amounts of rain. 

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